Today, many people are working harder than they have in the past. With the daily challenges of the workplace, it can be hard to thoroughly enjoy the job you love. Unfortunately, however, many of the easiest and highest paying jobs are actually part time, and low paying.

The number of jobs in the U.S. has steadily been increasing over the years. The result is that people are finding it more difficult to actually find a job that they want. However, this does not mean that there are not options for you out there. These are 37 easy and interesting jobs that you can start doing today.

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What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

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What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

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What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

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37 the jobs that are most fun and pay well

1. Recorder

If you have always loved reading and writing, you should consider becoming an online writer. You can create a wordpress blog, write for others or even write books. You can start on freelance platforms like Upwork, or go straight to self-publishing on Amazon.

Average wage: $15 an hour

What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

Hardcover: 50 pages to find remote work as a writer

2. Dog walker

What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

If you love animals and the outdoors, consider becoming a dog walker. You can find customers through Rover. This platform helps pet owners find responsible dog walkers. You can even manage multiple customers through the Rover application.

Average salary: $100 to $200 per month

What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

Hardcover: 14 pages to find dog walking jobs

3. Deliveryman

What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

If your ideal day is a road trip, consider becoming a delivery driver. In recent years, and especially in 2020, the on-demand delivery sector has really exploded.

One of the easiest ways to get started is to use Postmates. You can work the hours that suit you and receive tips.

Average wage: $15 an hour

What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

Postmates Summary

  • Work to your own schedule
  • Earn at least $4 per order
  • You can earn up to $1,500 a week.
  • Generous advice

4. Mystery Shopper

For shopaholics, mystery shopping jobs are one of the most fun and highest paying jobs. Your main task will be to test the services of companies and brands.

This may include visiting stores and observing how staff treat customers. But there are other roles, like Market Force, where you can earn $5 for every mystery shopper call you make.

Average wage: $8 an hour

What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

Hardcover: 30 pages to search for mystery shopping jobs

5. Race Director

If you like adrenaline, consider a career as a racing instructor. They get paid to drive sports cars. Owners of expensive cars pay experts to teach them how to drive their cars better.

Average salary : $44,000

6. Ethical Hacker

When you think of hackers, you might automatically assume they are doing something illegal. Ethical hackers, on the other hand, test computer networks and systems to detect security flaws. This way, you can help companies stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Average salary : $100,000

7. Nanny

What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

If you love children, working as a nanny can be one of the most fun and well-paying jobs without a college degree. There are many platforms where you can find work, including You can earn up to $17 an hour.

Average wage: $19 an hour

What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

Summary of care

  • Earn as little as $15 an hour for childcare, dog walking or elder care.
  • Real-time payments – in less than 30 minutes
  • Access to retirement benefits, unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • offers affordable health and dental insurance

8. Private detective

If you grew up watching Dick Tracy, The Rockford Files, Magnum, Private Investigator, or even Veronica Mars, consider becoming a private investigator.

This work includes searching for missing persons, interviewing individuals, investigating crimes, and conducting background checks. This will give you a varied and interesting workflow.

Average salary : $57,000

9. Wine Specialist

As a wine connoisseur, you can taste delicious wines and immerse yourself in the cellars and vineyards. You can even attend prestigious events and meet famous people.

Average salary : $60,000

10. Brewmaster

Brewers can work in breweries of all sizes. You will be responsible for most of the tasks associated with beer production, including developing new recipes, cleaning lines and draught barrels and carrying out quality checks.

If you’re a lover of craft beer, you can spend your workday brewing and drinking beer.

Average salary : $46,000

11. Event Planner

Being an event organizer means you never have a boring day. You can work in a conference center or as a private consultant. You can have a business conference one day and work on a lavish wedding the next.

Average salary : $54,000

12. Sommelier

As a sommelier, you could spend your days drinking wine, attending events and impressing interesting people with your impressive wine knowledge.

Average salary : $50,000

13. Voice actor

You can use your voice for live events, commercials, audio books and other exciting projects. If you get compliments on your pleasant voice and have a good work ethic, you can excel as a voice actor.

Average wage: $40 an hour

What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

Hardcover: 15 pages to find voice acting jobs

14. Assistant

Although few magicians achieve the celebrity status that David Copperfield has. However, it is definitely worth adding to the list of interesting and well-paying jobs. You can make money by throwing private parties or doing street magic.

Average salary : Up to $500 per hour

15. Zookeeper

Working as an animal keeper gives you the chance to see exotic animals up close. Animals in zoos must be cared for 24 hours a day. Therefore you will also have to work on weekends, nights and public holidays.

Average salary : $33,000

16. Personal trainer

If you enjoy spending your free time in a gym, the profession of a personal trainer may be of interest to you.

They will help people achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. They can also help people prepare for certain events and functions.

Average salary : $40,000

17. Fashion designer

If you are creative, love clothes and can work under tight deadlines, you will probably love working as a clothing designer. This is a highly competitive sector, with the most opportunities in the major cities.

Your work is varied: one week you are at the drawing table and the next you are making the hems of models for a live show.

Average salary : $72,000

18. Airline Transport Pilot

Being a pilot seems so cool in the movies. But this requires expensive and time-consuming training. Line pilot training is a demanding and stressful task. However, you can travel the world and earn a high salary.

Average salary : $115,000

19. Hollywood Stuntman

Many of us love seeing our favorite stars in movies and on television, but it’s the stunt teams of Hollywood that make them look so cool. If you like adrenaline, you can do spectacular stunts and meet famous stars.

Average salary : $70,000

20. Video game designer

Video game designers combine computer programming skills with a creative approach to design. You can create fantastic worlds with characters, an exciting plot and beautiful music. Plus, most gaming companies are known for their fun and relaxed work environment.

Average salary : $65,000

21. Parking attendant

Rangers protect the beautiful national parks across the country. They help the public and contribute to conservation.

Average salary : $61,000

22. Astronaut

If you’re looking for an unusual job, look to the stars. Although the training is difficult and in high demand, you can earn a good salary and gain a whole new perspective on the world.

Average salary : $100,000

23. Toy manufacturer

If you’re a kid at heart, you can spend your days crafting and playing with toys. It takes a vivid imagination to design and create innovative toys that today’s children will love.

Average salary : $58,000

24. Professional athlete

Sponsorship deals and multi-million dollar contracts make professional athletes some of the richest people in the world. Roger Federer, for example, earned more than $100 million in 2019.

Average salary : $50,000

25. Webdesigner

Web designers are in high demand. You can create, redesign and maintain websites for businesses of all sizes. You can work flexible hours and you like to be creative.

Average salary : $82,000

26. Nutrition Criticality

If you love good food and writing, you’ll be interested in a job as a restaurant reviewer. You must have a keen sense of taste and be able to analyse the menus of different restaurants. There is no formal training, but a sound knowledge of food, gained through a culinary education, can be helpful.

Average salary : $50,000

27. Chocolatier

Chocolatiers are professional chefs who specialise in making fantastic chocolates. You have to be creative and passionate, but you will be able to make money.

Average salary : $40,000

28. Professional video player

Yes, you can play video games as a job. Professional video gamers compete and play in front of a live audience on platforms like Twitch or YouTube.

You have to be good at gambling, but you can make insane amounts of money.

Average salary: $5,000 per month

29. Social media specialist

As a social media professional, you can help brands build or expand their online presence. Your job may be to promote websites or create marketing strategies.

You spend your days on social media, communicating with your followers and getting paid for it.

Average salary : $50,000

What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

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30. Librarian

The library is a quiet and relaxing environment to work in. You spend your working day helping people, cataloguing books and taking notes. You don’t even have to work in a busy public library, as businesses, museums, schools and even government agencies need librarians too.

Average salary : $59,000

31. Nutritionist

As a nutritionist, you help people become healthier and achieve their wellness goals. You must have good communication skills and a degree in a scientific field. But you will spend your time making weight loss or diet recommendations so as not to exacerbate your existing health problems.

Average salary : $60,000

32. Animator

As an animator, you create special effects or computer animations used in video games, commercials, television shows, movies or websites.

Average salary : $84,000

33. Cruise ship waitress

If you work as a waitress on a cruise ship, you can travel the world and get free board and lodging. This is a service job, but you help people enjoy their holidays. Contracts usually last up to 6 months, but you can earn up to $2500 or more per month.

Average salary: $2,000 per month

34. Graphic designer

Graphic design is a crucial part of almost every aspect of business. You could spend your time creating banners, logos, gif images and other graphics. It’s very creative work, and you can find yourself at the forefront of design media.

Average salary : $56,000

What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

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35. Contractor

Entrepreneurs use their passions, interests and skills to create income. It could be starting a retail business, offering services or creating products.

Average salary : $68,000

36. . Personal buyer36. Personal buyer

If you love clothes and enjoy following the latest fashion trends, the job of personal shopper is ideal. You can spend your days shopping. Not only do you not have to spend your own money, but you will be rewarded.

You can even become a buyer for high-profile clients. Opportunity to earn up to $100,000 per year.

Average salary : $27,000

37. Guide

Tour guides provide information and assistance on historical and cultural sites throughout the country. You can show the sights to individual customers or organize tours and contribute your knowledge.

Average wage: $14 an hour

How to find a good job?


Upwork is a platform that helps freelancers connect with clients and projects. You can find work in a variety of fields, such as writing, editing, computer programming, graphic design, etc.

You can set your own prices and bid on projects that interest you.

What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

Summary Upwork

  • You can work from anywhere in the world
  • Upwork makes sure you get paid for the work you do
  • Career opportunities – the more projects you do, the more opportunities you will have.
  • You can set your own rates


FlexJobs is a job platform where you can search for almost any type of job. So you can quickly find an interesting and well-paid job.

What Are Fun Jobs That Pay Well? – 37 Easy & High Paying Jobs

FlexJobs Summary

  • FlexJobs has an extensive database of vacancies for all sectors.
  • It’s extremely easy to sort through and find the jobs that suit you best.
  • FlexJobs guarantees that all its job offers are 100% fraud free.
  • Get free or discounted access to special features (email updates, resume profiles, skill tests, etc.)


Indeed is a search engine for job vacancies. This platform also has tools to help you evaluate salaries and other features of different jobs.


LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform. You can create your own profile and connect with others in your industry to make contacts.

Glass door

Glassdoor lets you search millions of jobs. You can also learn more about different companies with custom billing tools and employee reviews.


You can find just about anything on Craigslist, including nice, high-paying jobs. You can even place your own ad to promote your services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest job but pays a lot?

A lot of people would say being a doctor.

What are some jobs that are fun and pay well?

Some jobs that are fun and pay well are: -Athletic Trainer -Auctioneer -Actor -Artist -Artist -Computer Programmer -Construction Worker -Dancer -Designer -Engineer -Firefighter -Graphic Designer -Hairdresser -Lawyer -Marketer -Musician -Nurse -Photographer -Psychologist -Public Relations Specialist -Salesperson -Scientist -Social Worker -Teacher -Translator -Veterinarian -Athletic Trainer -Actor -Artist -Computer Programmer -Construction Worker -Designer -Engineer -Firefighter -Graphic Designer -Hairdresser -Lawyer -Marketer -Musician -Nurse -Photographer -Psychologist -Public Relations Specialist -Salesperson -Scientist -Social Worker -Teacher -Translator -Veterinarian

What is the easiest job ever?

The easiest job ever is probably being a baby.

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